School Fun Days

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 School Fun Days

School Fun Day.

School Fun Days Magician Magic OZ is one of the most popular and sought after London magicians. He offers his comedy magical services as a table magician and birthday party magician at family private parties, lounges, restaurants and private venues. He also entertains children at school shows, school fund raising events and is know as the favorite School Fun Days magician. Though he is based locally, he organizes parties and fund raising events at schools in London, Middlesex, Hampshire, Sussex, and all venues throughout southern England and covers the UK, School Fun Days.

Tel: 07974 357 911 – 0208 549 9234

School Fun Days Magician

Specialized Services offered by Magic OZ.

As a member of the renowned and famous Magic Circle, Magic OZ possesses the expertise to entertain a varied age group that includes children from 3-15 years and adults from 16-103 years. He modifies his shows, depending on the average age of the attendees and always designs and makes his magic suit the honoured party guest to make it the best School Fun Days magician you can find, School Fun Days.

  • For children between 3-4 years, he organizes birthday shows that include lots of foot tapping music, dance and intriguing puppets, and balloons animals.
  • For children between 5-7 years, he uses clean comedy and humor to make the best parties guaranteed. Magic, Music and dance are also part of his fun pact magic show.
  • For children between 8-15 years, he offers an enriching but entertaining magical experience. It usually includes close up magic and comedy that educate the party guests about magic.
  • For guests between 16-103 years, Magic OZ performs a variety of services to include strolling magic, comedy cabaret shows and also arranges for full school stage shows.

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What’s Special about Magic OZ.

He Makes Children Smile and performs the best shows guaranteed.

Magic OZ is a full time School Fun Days magician around London who loves his work and uses stunning magic for making the children and their parents be entertained and have the best in children’s entertainment. He has a deep understanding of child psychology and uses it for retaining interest of the children and adults alike. He believes that his magic should be entertaining and that’s what he does best. If you want to have a party that other moms will be talking about give Magic OZ a call TODAY.


Magic OZ values professionalism and for this reason, he always arrives at least 45 minutes to an hour before the party starts to set up his equipment. This way, it’s easier for Magic OZ to interact with the birthday boy/girl (or children in general, in case it’s a school show) and to break the ice. He also arrives with a professional music system, top of the range microphones, and equipment required for magic, puppets and balloons so it is a full and wonderful fun pact show. All his equipment is PAT tested, which means that his equipment has been electrically tested and checked for any technical faults, School Fun Days.

The Best Guaranteed.

Magic OZ is experienced in organizing parties, school shows and fun day events and this has helped him in creating the best type of magic for children. This usually includes greeting the children first (crucial step for small children), dancing and playing music and having fun, and performing magic tricks. Also while the birthday boy or girl cuts the cake he entertains the adults too. The cake is cut; he organizes the second part of the show, where he involves the Children again. The party ends with Magic OZ giving a balloon to every child with music, Of course, depending on the type of party being held and age of the guests, Magic OZ modifies this shows to suit every occasion.

Hire Magic OZ and relax, while he takes charge of everything and give you the best party ever GUARANTEED.

Magician for School Fun Days London.

School Fun Days.

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